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(Residential Systems)

Cleaning the Tank

Having your septic tank cleaned on a regular basis is essential to your maintenance program. It is the only way to remove sludge and greases before they can harm your secondary filter. Cleaning is necessary every 2-3 years. If you have a garbage disposal or four or more people you will need more periodic maintenance. Cleaning of the tank involves the use of a vacuum tank truck. The technician stretches hose from the truck and vacuums the contents of the tank out. The cleaning of a tank normally takes less than one hour. As part of our cleaning service our technician will examine the tank level, baffles and sump pumps as well as clean the aerator shaft. There are many different styles of tanks and components our techs are trained to evaluate each system.

Filter Maintenance

Most aeration systems today have a filter that must be maintained. If your system is not maintained regularly catastrophic results will occur. Bio-kinetic filters need service every 6 months, up-flow filters are serviced as needed. Some newer systems have an effluent filter in the baffle tee that also need periodic maintenance. We offer a service agreement that keeps your system working efficiently. Call our office for details.

Aerator Repair

If you have a home aeration system special care is needed.It is important that your aerator is doing its job. We are the only septic service provider in Northeast Ohio to have our own independent aerator repair shop. We don’t ship out, send out, or sub out your aerator; this enables us to keep our prices low. At our in-house aerator repair shop we service all makes and models of aerators. Our aerator repair specialist will disassemble your unit, find the cause of the failure and call with a free estimate for repair. Upon your approval we will repair your aerator normally within a week.

Sump Pumps

Today’s complex systems sometimes include sump pumps. We install pumps of any size from the standard model to pumps capable of pumping large volume great distances. We carry the most reliable, low maintenance pumps available. All our technicians are trained to replace sump pumps and most installations can be done at the same time as the tank cleaning.

Home Septic Inspections

Because of the many variations in today’s septic systems it is hard for a general home inspector to accurately evaluate septic systems. This is our specialty. We inspect systems of every age and complexity. Our detailed report gives the potential buyer a peace of mind. Our inspection includes visual inspection of the tank and components, dye testing of the inlet line, tank, and secondary treatment of the system. Inspections normally take one hour with the results given upon completion.

Service Agreements

Aerated systems all makes and models

The service agreement for an aerated system includes 2 visits. Our service includes, but is not limited to, cleaning of the blower filter or aerator shaft, visual check of the trash trap and clarifier. As well as checking the operation of the sump pump along with following the manufacturer's maintenance instructions. Contact the office for pricing details.


The service agreement for the Jet BAT system includes 2 visits. Our service includes but is not limited to air cleaning of the BAT media, cleaning of the aerator shaft, along with following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Contact the office for pricing details.

Bio-Kinetic Filter

The service agreement for the Bio-Kinetic filter includes 2 visits. Our service includes but is not limited to exchanging the BK filter, cleaning the aerator shaft, along with following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Contact the office for pricing details.

(Commercial Systems)

Grease Traps

We are grease trap specialists. We believe that totally emptying the trap and not returning the “separated water” is the most effective way of preventing problems. When comparing price ask our competition if they return the “separated water” to the trap if they do they are not leaving the trap clean. Regular trap pumping can help defray the costly expense of sewer line cleaning. We have a maintenance plan to meet your businesses individual needs.

Commercial Plant Maintenance

We offer a complete maintenance plan for small commercial plants. Our service can include maintenance of the motor and blower, adjustment of the sludge return and skimmer as well as cleaning or replacement of the surface sand filters. We can adapt a service plan to suit your needs.


We repair all makes and styles of septic and aeration systems. From small jobs using hand tools to large jobs with excavation equipment we do it all. Call us for a free estimate..



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