The Gift of Life

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In honor of his amazing donor, we want to dedicate this blog to them, and share ways that others can give the gift of life through amazing organizations. The gift of life is a miracle.  You can be the miracle that saves the life of someone else.

What are the Alternatives to Flushable Wipes?

Wipes for use in the bathroom that are considered flushable

We don’t recommend them if you have a public sewer or a septic system. There are so many reasons including the fact that they don’t break down the same way that toilet paper does.  In public sewers, they are often the main cause of breaks in the water treatment plants. 

Aerobic VS. Anaerobic Sewage Treatment Systems – What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between a Aerobic Treatment or a Anaerobic treatment for your septic tank? Proper wastewater treatment is key to preventing the spread of waterborne diseases. A treatment process which involves microbes or living organisms is categorized as biological wastewater treatment. Septic systems can use two biological processes; aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment. While both aim to … Read More

Environmental and Health Impacts From Septic Tanks

A properly installed, sited and maintained home sewage treatment system should not have a negative effect on water quality. In fact, a home sewage treatment system can be a more eco-friendly alternative to public sewage treatment plants that may use harsh chemicals to treat wastewater. However, when you’re dealing with a failing septic system, that’s when it becomes hazardous. Here … Read More

How does soil impact the septic system you can have?

When constructing or replacing a septic system, one of the first things that will be considered is the soil. The depth, permeability and saturation of the soil all play a role in deciding the type and size of the septic system that your property can have. Learn the process of getting your soil tested and how the results will impact … Read More