Leach Field Problems to Look Out for in Spring

spring rain flooding grass around leach field

The rainy season has arrived! While April showers help make our yards lush and green, too much rainfall can become an issue for those of us with a septic system. Excess moisture can saturate the drain field, making it impossible for water to drain from the septic system. Here are some common issues to keep an eye out for and ways you can protect your leach field from failing in the spring.

Signs your leach field is failing

Your leach field is designed to hold the wastewater leaving your septic tank and slowly absorb into soil to be filtered. However, when you experience heavy rain, the system can overflow and lead to problems like flooding and contaminated groundwater. When water has nowhere else to go, it can start traveling backward through your pipes and into your home’s plumbing. If you notice any of the following warning signs, you should call a professional to inspect your leach field and septic tank.

  • Slow drains
  • Toilets not flushing
  • Soggy soil pooling above the leach field
  • Patches of greener grass developing in the yard
  • Foul smells around the leach field

Protect your leach field from flooding

A well maintained septic system is better able to withstand the extreme weather spring can bring us. Here are some actions you can take to protect your leach field from flooding and causing further damage. 

  • Pump your tank
    • Your septic system should be regularly pumped to ensure it is in good condition all year round. Pumping your tank in the spring can also give your system a chance to rest and possibly accept more water.
  • Reduce water usage
    • Try to limit lengthy showers, dishwashing, laundry and other water usage until your leach field area has a chance to dry out.
  • Redirect your gutters
    • Gutters that point toward your septic system will carry over water and lead to flooding. To prepare for spring rain showers, direct gutters and spouts away from the leach field.

Call Supeck Septic for assistance with your leach field.

Spring can be a challenging time for septic systems. As Northeast Ohio’s largest septic provider, we offer exceptional routine and emergency care. If you notice issues with your leach field, give Supeck Septic Services a call at (888) 725-0209.