Myths About Septic Tanks

technician taking lid off septic tank

If you use a septic tank for your home, it is important that you understand its basic functions and maintenance. There can be a lot of misinformation about septic systems. It is best to seek advice from a licensed professional like our crew members at Supeck Septic Services. Here are the common myths about septic tanks you should look out for to avoid damaging your system.

Septic Tank Myths

MYTH: It doesn’t matter what you put down the drain.
You should always be cautious of what you’re putting down the drain. A septic tank relies on a balance of biological microbes and enzymes that break down waste. Putting products such as drain cleaner, disinfectants and solvents down your drain will diminish the microbes that digest the sewage. You should also avoid putting down coffee grounds, Fats, Oils, & Greases (FOGs) and sanitary wipes as these are common causes for clogs.

MYTH: If you use additives, you won’t need your tank pumped.
There are several products that claim to keep your septic system clean and functional. You may have even heard that using additives will eliminate the need for pumping, but this is simply not true. Using additives is not enough to get rid of the layer of solid waste that sits in your tank. The chemicals in additives can also disturb the bacterial balance in your tank. To avoid flooding and backups, septic pumping is necessary.

MYTH: A clogged system must be replaced.
Clogging is a common issue, and many septic tanks can still be restored with proper maintenance. Before thinking about getting your system replaced, schedule an appointment to get your tank pumped. If you’re still having problems, look into jetting. This process involves gaining access to ports on the ends of the pipes so you can give them an internal pressure-wash to clear them out.

MYTH: Septic tanks won’t last over 20 years.
The lifespan of your septic system has much to do with the way you manage it. With proper care, your system can run for 30-40 years and still work perfectly. Keeping the system pumped and clear of growing tree roots and debris will allow your system to have the longest life possible.

MYTH: You can build over your septic tank.
Because septic systems are buried so far under the ground, some may think it’s acceptable to build structures like decks and patios on top of them. This is never a good idea. Building over the tank can block technicians from accessing it, which will make it harder to properly maintain and pump. It can also stop the drainfield from receiving oxygen. Oxygen is needed for the natural breakdown of wastewater that occurs in the soil.

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Now that you know some of the myths to look out for, you can give your septic tank the proper care it needs. Looking for more guidance on septic maintenance? Our team at Supeck Septic Services has years of experience and knowledge to help you manage your system. Give us a call at (888) 725-0209.