Safety Tips for Septic Owners

Your septic system plays a vital role in the efficiency of your home’s appliances. Because this treatment system is so important, regular monitoring, inspections and maintenance are required. However, these structures can present major safety risks to people around them. Attempts to handle the maintenance work without proper training can expose you and others to danger. If you use a … Read More

Understanding Your Ship’s Sewage System

Summer is arriving and soon the lake will begin to fill with ships and boat lovers. It’s no question that with any great boat, comes great responsibility. Whether you’re sailing a yacht, flagship, cruise ship or naval ship, there are regulations that need to be followed regarding sewage treatment. Each year, our team at Supeck Septic Services travels to vessels … Read More

How to Prepare Your Septic System for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start enjoying the outdoors and sunshine! The last thing you may want to think about is your septic system. However, neglecting your tank for too long can become a major issue. Here are some tips to ensure your septic tank does not get in the way of your summer … Read More

How to Hide Your Septic Tank

Man planting flowers in yard

Spring has sprung and summer is not far behind! Now is the time of year we all flock to our yards to tend to the garden and tidy up the lawn. If you have a septic tank, you know that it’s not the most flattering addition to your yard. Not to worry! Here are some ways to make your septic … Read More

How Laundry Can Impact Your Septic Tank

Detergent being poured for laundry

It’s laundry day again! Washing machines use a lot of water so it’s no surprise that this appliance can cause problems for septic tank owners. Without proper care and planning, a septic tank can flood or clog due to the washing machine. Learn how doing laundry can impact your septic tank and how to avoid damaging your system. Too many … Read More

Leach Field Problems to Look Out for in Spring

The rainy season has arrived! While April showers help make our yards lush and green, too much rainfall can become an issue for those of us with a septic system. Excess moisture can saturate the drain field, making it impossible for water to drain from the septic system. Here are some common issues to keep an eye out for and … Read More

Grease Traps: What They Are & How To Maintain

According to the EPA, grease is a major cause of the 23,000 – 75,000 sanitary sewer overflows that happen each year. Not only is a grease trap necessary to follow your state’s fats, oils, and grease (FOG) regulations, but it can play a vital role in keeping your commercial kitchen and business running smoothly. In order to maintain a good … Read More

Signs Your Septic System Needs Service

Unclogging drain from backed up septic system

The waste you dispose of in your sinks, bathtubs and toilets all lead to your septic tank. When things build up, you risk clogs and further damage to your whole system. If you ignore cleaning your septic tank, you can end up with an even bigger mess that no homeowner wants to deal with. It’s important that you know what … Read More

Laundry Disinfectants and Your Septic System

KID Laundry hero in front of washing machine

Laundry disinfectants became hugely popular at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the demand for them continues to this day, as COVID and cold and flu season rages on. But when it comes to using laundry disinfectants with your septic system, they may be doing more harm than good.

How Microbeads and Micro-Exfoliants Tank Your Septic System

micro-exfoliants in cream

Perhaps one of the most surprising of the septic “dirty dozen” are microbeads and micro-exfoliants. After all, how much harm could those tiny little beads do? It turns out, quite a lot. Read on to learn more about how microbeads and micro-exfoliants can tank your septic system and to discover some septic-safe alternatives that are still great for your skin.