Clearing the Clog: Which Plunger Should You Be Using?

Cleaning the clog - plunger

Most people don’t realize different style plungers are intended for different uses. Do you know the differences between the most common plunger styles? This guide will help you know which plunger to reach for the next time you encounter a clog.

Chemical Lawn Treatments & Your Septic System

Chemical Lawn Treatment in hands

We spread chemical lawn treatments – fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers – to help our lawns remain healthy and robust throughout the summer and winter months. If you’re a septic owner, you may worry about how these chemicals affect your system

Water Conservation Tips for Septic Owners

Water Conservation Tips

Most people do not give a lot of thought to their day-to-day water usage. These tips will help make you more mindful about your household’s water usage and offer some easy methods of conserving water throughout your day.

H2Ohio Funding for Failing Septic Systems

Update on H2Ohio, Water drop on leaf

While the H2Ohio funds have specifically been earmarked for seven counties within the Maumee River Watershed and Lake Erie Tributaries, statewide assistance for tackling failing septic systems is also available through the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF).

The Lowdown on Fabric Softener and Your Septic System

Many septic owners are extremely careful about what they flush into their systems, making sure to only flush items on the approved list. For many, one of the most surprising “banned” items is fabric softener. What’s not to love about fabric softener? It leaves your laundry cuddly soft, smelling fresh, and static-free. But when you consider that, like any other … Read More