How is Toilet Paper Made?

Few people realize what toilet paper is made of, let alone how it’s made. So, here’s a fun primer detailing how toilet paper is made, the differences between virgin and recycled paper, and some fun facts, including which we recommend for use in your septic system.

Can a Septic System Have Too Many Bacteria?

Sometimes people add things to their system (often additives like Rid-X) to increase the bacteria within the tank, which can cause significant damage. As surprising as it may be, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. This article will explore the role bacteria play within your system and discuss what problems can arise when a system has too much septic bacteria.

Can I Plant a Garden Over My Septic Drainfield?

Gardening over Drainfield

With the gardening season just around the corner, many home gardeners are gearing up to plant this year’s crops. Looking around their yards, many homeowners wonder whether they can plant a garden over their septic drainfield. After all, it’s a wide-open space that often gets full sun throughout the day. But unfortunately, as tempting as it may be, gardening over … Read More

Well Water Safety & Your Septic System

Well Water coming from a faucet

More than 42 million households in the US rely on private wells to supply water to their homes. The vast majority of these households also depend on septic systems to treat household wastewater. Many homeowners wonder about well water safety and whether their septic system may be contaminating their drinking water.

How to Care for Your Septic Tank Risers

Septic Tank Riser in Grass

Simple in design, septic tank risers are concrete, plastic, or fiberglass pipes that extend vertically from the septic tank up to ground level. They are typically 12-24 inches in diameter and 2-4 feet in length, depending on how far below ground your tank is buried. Risers create an entry point at ground level that allow your service provider to access the buried septic tank during service visits or inspections.

Are Bath Bombs Septic-Safe?

Are Bath Bombs Septic Safe?

When it comes to caring for your septic system, bath bombs are anything but septic-safe. Read on to learn more about the dangers of bath bombs for your septic system and to discover some septic-safe alternatives to use when you need to pamper yourself.

Ohio’s Septic Tank Inspection Requirements

Septic Tank Inspections

Since the 2015 new rules have gone into effect, we have received many questions asking how these changes impacted Ohio’s septic tank inspection requirements. Read on to learn more.

Using Wastewater to Track the Spread of COVID-19

Using Wastewater to Track the Spread of COVID-19

Over the past year, the world has struggled with finding ways to get ahead of the spread of the coronavirus, but a recently launched initiative by the Ohio Wastewater Monitoring Network is enabling us to use wastewater to track the spread of COVID-19. By providing early warning signs of potential case surges, wastewater monitoring is helping us battle the pandemic in communities across our state. Read on to learn more.