Septic-Safe Methods for Unclogging a Drain

Unclogging Drains - Septic Safety

A clogged drain is a headache for any homeowner, but when a clogged drain appears in a household with a septic system, one big concern is how to unclog the drain without causing damage to the septic system.

The History of the Septic System

History of the Septic System picture of outhouse

The History of the Septic System

Ever since the dawn of human civilization, the treatment and elimination of human waste has been one of mankind’s greatest issues.

Mulch and Your Septic System

Mulch around Septic Tank

Spring and early summer is the prime time of year for cleaning up around your yard – readying flower beds, planting new foliage, gardening. When your green thumb grows this spring and summer, make sure you are using caution when it comes to the gardening and yardwork you do around your septic system. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of … Read More

Customer Service is Our Priority

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Here at Supeck Septic Services we believe that customer service is our top priority. That is why we have the best team answering our phones when our customers call.

Welcome Tim to Supeck Septic Services

Tim Supeck

We are honored to welcome Tim Supeck to the team at Supeck Septic Services. After graduation, Tim began working full time in the Medina Headquarters.

Garbage Disposals and Your Septic System

Egg Shells in a bowl, not to be put in your garbage disposal

Of all the modern conveniences afforded to us these days, garbage disposals are possibly the most detrimental home appliance to the functioning of your septic system.

Septic Myth Busters

Septic System Myth Busters

There are many essential elements to any household, including a properly functioning heating and cooling system, a sound roof overhead, and a healthy septic system. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not give their septic systems much thought due to several myths circulating about the care and maintenance of septic systems. So we set out to debunk some of the most common … Read More

Commercial v. Residential Septic Systems

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One key difference between commercial and residential septic systems in the state of Ohio is which governmental agency is in charge of regulating them. The Ohio Department of Health oversees the regulation of residential septic systems, while the Ohio EPA oversees septic systems for most businesses, whether industrial or commercial, including anything other than one-, two-, or three-family dwellings.