Garbage Disposals and Your Septic System

Egg Shells in a bowl, not to be put in your garbage disposal

Of all the modern conveniences afforded to us these days, garbage disposals are possibly the most detrimental home appliance to the functioning of your septic system.

Septic Myth Busters

Septic System Myth Busters

There are many essential elements to any household, including a properly functioning heating and cooling system, a sound roof overhead, and a healthy septic system. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not give their septic systems much thought due to several myths circulating about the care and maintenance of septic systems. So we set out to debunk some of the most common … Read More

Commercial v. Residential Septic Systems

Come in WE'RE OPEN sign for Commercial v. Residential Septic Systems

One key difference between commercial and residential septic systems in the state of Ohio is which governmental agency is in charge of regulating them. The Ohio Department of Health oversees the regulation of residential septic systems, while the Ohio EPA oversees septic systems for most businesses, whether industrial or commercial, including anything other than one-, two-, or three-family dwellings.

Medication and Your Septic System

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Since the epiphany surrounding the pitfalls of flushing certain medication down our toilets, the most common way for medications to enter our septic systems is through human waste.

H2Ohio Initiative Update

Green leaf with water droplet representing H2Ohio Initiative

March 2019, Governor Mike DeWine called for, as part of his budget, the creation of an H2Ohio Initiative that would funnel $900 million over the next ten years into improving Ohio’s water quality.

What Happens When Your Aerator Isn’t Working?

glass of water representing aerator of septic tank

If you have an aerobic septic system (i.e., one with an aerator), chances are high that your system alarm has sounded at one point or another. More often than not, this alarm does not indicate your aerator is failing and that your system is facing catastrophic failure. More often than not, this alarm signals that something in your system needs … Read More

Landscaping and Lawn Care around Your Septic System

Landscaping with a Septic System

We talk a lot about the ways to ensure septic system health from inside the house, but we also need to think about how our landscaping and lawn care affect our systems. We know all about the things we shouldn’t flush down the toilets or pour down the drains. To ensure the health and longevity of your septic system, we … Read More

Sewage Pumps and Their Care

Sewage Pumps and Their Care

Today’s complex wastewater treatment systems sometimes include sewage sump pumps. Depending on the structure and layout of your system, your septic system may include either a sewage grinder pump or a sewage effluent pump. Here’s a brief discussion of how each pump works within your system as well as some care and maintenance tips to keep them properly functioning, even when the power goes out.

How the H2Ohio Initiative May Affect Septic Owners

ORC § 3718 and OAC § 3701-29

On March 5th, during his State of the State address, Governor Mike DeWine proposed the H2Ohio water quality initiative. This initiative is part of his proposed budget for 2020-2021. If approved, it will funnel $900 million over the next ten years, with $85 million spent in the first year, into improving Ohio’s water quality.