Safety Tips for Septic Owners

Workers lifting septic tank.

Your septic system plays a vital role in the efficiency of your home’s appliances. Because this treatment system is so important, regular monitoring, inspections and maintenance are required. However, these structures can present major safety risks to people around them. Attempts to handle the maintenance work without proper training can expose you and others to danger. If you use a septic tank, follow these tips to ensure you and your family stay safe.

Secure the area

Be sure that the tank and its access ports have secure covers without any cracks or broken pieces. Place the lids on tightly so they are not able to be removed by children or animals.

Keep your distance

Never enter a septic tank unless you are specially trained and are wearing equipment and gear for that purpose. Always avoid leaning over the septic tank or sticking your head into the tank to examine its interior. Doing so could expose you to high levels of gasses with little oxygen which could lead to suffocation.

Prevent fires

When the waste in a septic tank decomposes it releases methane. This gas is highly explosive. When inspecting or checking up on your treatment system, avoid handling open flames. Never smoke near the tank, even when the cover is on.


Ventilation is crucial around the tank to prevent the build-up of methane. Make sure that no blockages compromise airflow around the tank.

Contact a professional like Supeck Septic Services

If you’re having issues with your septic tank, it’s best to contact a professional to handle it. Supeck Septic has been providing exceptional customer care for more than 54 years with licensed technicians to inspect and maintain your system. Contact us at (888) 725-0209 to schedule an appointment.