Summer Tips for Your Septic System

Summer Septic System TIps

Summer is a wonderful time of year to enjoy your yard. The last thing you want to think about is your septic system. We hope you will keep us in mind this summer while enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends.

Summer Septic System TIps

Landscapes Safe for Septic Systems:

No one wants to see their septic system in their yard. In fact, we are pretty sure that we would rather all forget it existed. It is not safe to plant trees, shrubs and other landscape that can root their way into your septic system. Choose annuals, or shallow root perennials to mask your septic system.

Avoid Driving Over Your Septic Tank:

Remember while your septic system is underground, heavy equipment can cause damage. Do not drive anything heavier than a lawn mower over your leachfield/drainfield. It is also not a good idea to drive over the pipes leading to and from your septic system.

Summer Parties and Septic Systems:

If you have not had your septic system serviced in the past three years it is a good idea to have it checked. Get your septic tank maintenance scheduled before a big event. This will prevent any mishaps during your summer party.

Things to Avoid Flushing in your Septic System:

Guests who do not have a septic system may need a reminder about the limitations the system can handle. Damage can happen when things that owners know SHOULDN’T go into your pipes make their way in there. Things to include on your list include, disposable wipes, feminine hygiene products and other damaging items.

Have a safe and happy summer! For more on septic maintenance plans click here. Or to schedule your septic system cleaning now click here.