Disposing of Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOGs) in Your Home

Residential FOGs

We’ve talked about the disposal of fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) in a commercial setting, but many of the septic (and sewer) problems caused by the disposal of FOGs originate from food waste poured down residential drains. There are many myths associated with pouring grease down the kitchen sink, but the truth is it is never okay! But with a … Read More

How Aeration Systems Work

Aeration for Septic System

When it comes to household sewage treatment systems, there are generally speaking two different designs: septic and aerobic. Both work to begin the process of cleaning wastewater before sending it to a secondary treatment area. Depending on your property and your family’s needs, you may find an aeration system to be a much better fit.  How Anaerobic Septic Systems Work  The septic tank, creates … Read More

The Importance of Commercial Grease Trap Maintenance

Commercial Grease Trap Maintenance

A clogged commercial grease trap, and the headache that comes with it, can be one of the most devastating, yet preventable, crises any restaurant may face. A grease trap back up will often require you to shut down your business until you’re able to properly clean and get your drains and grease trap working correctly. Nobody can afford to take … Read More