What Happens When Your Aerator Isn’t Working?

glass of water representing aerator of septic tank

If you have an aerobic septic system (i.e., one with an aerator), chances are high that your system alarm has sounded at one point or another. More often than not, this alarm does not indicate your aerator is failing and that your system is facing catastrophic failure. More often than not, this alarm signals that something in your system needs … Read More

Top Signs It’s Time to Have Your Septic System Serviced 

Signs its time for Septic Tank Service

Do you know how often you need to have your septic tank serviced? Depending on the number of people in your household and the type of use your septic system gets, your average household septic system will need to be serviced every two years. But your system may require servicing more or less frequently. So what are the telltale signs you need to give Supeck Septic … Read More