What are the Alternatives to Flushable Wipes?

Wipes for use in the bathroom that are considered flushable

We don’t recommend them if you have a public sewer or a septic system. There are so many reasons including the fact that they don’t break down the same way that toilet paper does.  In public sewers, they are often the main cause of breaks in the water treatment plants. 

Know the Parts of a Septic System

A septic system is a big responsibility, and its complexity can leave some homeowners feeling overwhelmed. Understanding  its parts and how they work can make maintenance easier. Here are the septic terms you should know: Tank: The septic tank is a buried, watertight container typically made of concrete, fiberglass or polyethylene. It is designed to hold the waste generated by … Read More

Can You Use a Garbage Disposal With a Septic Tank?

A garbage disposal is a device fitted to the waste pipe of a kitchen sink to shred up food so it can pass through plumbing. Many homeowners find this device to be convenient for cleaning up food waste, but what if your home has a septic tank? Can you still use a garbage disposal? The short answer is yes, but … Read More

How to Hide Your Septic Tank

Man planting flowers in yard

Spring has sprung and summer is not far behind! Now is the time of year we all flock to our yards to tend to the garden and tidy up the lawn. If you have a septic tank, you know that it’s not the most flattering addition to your yard. Not to worry! Here are some ways to make your septic … Read More

Leach Field Problems to Look Out for in Spring

The rainy season has arrived! While April showers help make our yards lush and green, too much rainfall can become an issue for those of us with a septic system. Excess moisture can saturate the drain field, making it impossible for water to drain from the septic system. Here are some common issues to keep an eye out for and … Read More