The Care and Feeding of Your Septic System

When it comes to the costs of owning a home, one of the most potentially expensive repairs a homeowner will face is replacing a septic system. We are often asked how long septic systems typically last, and the answer to that is largely dependent on how careful a homeowner is about the care and maintenance of their system. When the average cost of replacing a septic system is upwards of $13,000, avoiding catastrophic system failure is something we should all be mindful of. Being careful about what we put into our septic systems, as well as maintaining a regular service schedule, will add years to the life of your septic system.

Infographic on Care and Feeding of Your Septic System

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  1. This is a terrific series of articles on the impact of Covid 19 upon septic systems. I am on the voluntary Board of an 18 unit Condominium Association in New Hampshire and I am responsible for the maintenance and repair of any problems that arise. I have worked hard on educating our residents on the do’s and dont’s of safe septic system use. In the past 4 months, we have had 3 septic clogs; two of which were accompanied by backups into the basements of the units. This has put a strain on our annual budget as unless neglect is found on the part of the homeowner, the Association picks up all costs for emergency un-clogging, pumping, filter checks and sterilizing of the affected areas. I even gave out samples of Scott’s 1 ply bath tissue and requested that residents buy and use only this product. I would welcome any suggestions that could help with these problems which are occurring with increased frequency here. Are there any safe additives (PVC pipe) that we might try? ANY thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

    1. Alan, Thank you so much for your message. Septic safety and emergency septic problems are tough under normal conditions, but during the COVID-19 era they are amplified. We have a few blogs about paper products you are welcome to share on social media and refer to as reference. We did a video on “flushable” wet wipes that may also be of interest to your consumers. We also have a blog on Rid-X that we hope you will read. Thank you again for your comment, please feel free to share our content and keep the good questions coming! We are happy to help!

    1. Jay, this is the very first time hearing this… Typically that is not recommended. Call us if you have more questions on this.

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