Dos and Don’ts of Septic Maintenance

checklist being marked
checklist being marked

There are several steps you can take to protect your home and septic system. How well do you know the needs of your septic system? Here are the dos and don’ts of septic maintenance.

Kitchen Sink

  • Do- Limit use of garbage disposal.
  • Do- Throw food scraps into the trash.
  • Do- Use a drain filter to catch food waste.
  • Don’t- Pour grease, oils or fats down the sink.
  • Don’t- Dump coffee grounds into the sink.
  • Don’t- Throw fibrous or expandable foods down your drain.


  • Do- Flush only toilet paper and human waste down the toilet.
  • Do- Use a drain cover to stop hair or pet fur from entering the pipes.
  • Don’t- Flush non-degradable products such as feminine hygiene products, dental floss, wipes, diapers, cigarette butts, cat litter, paper towels or pharmaceuticals.

Water Usage

  • Do- Stagger showers.
  • Do- Use water-conserving faucets and showerheads. 
  • Don’t- Overload the washing machine. Instead, stick to one or two loads a day.
  • Don’t- Drain excess water from roofs, sump pumps, pools or hot tubs onto the secondary treatment bed.

Septic Tank

  • Do- Get your tank cleaned every 2 years and have a maintenance plan setup.
  • Do- Keep the septic lid clear and easy to access. 
  • Do- Have a detailed record of repairs, pumpings, inspections, permits issued, and other maintenance activities.
  • Don’t- Enter the tank. Instead, contact a professional for help.
  • Don’t- Plant trees and shrubs too close to the septic tank.
  • Don’t- Park, drive or build over the secondary treatment.

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