Home Sewage Treatment System
Operation & Maintenance

Household sewage treatment Operation & Maintenance does not need to be complicated!
We are a Licensed O & M Service Provider for all systems currently used in Ohio.
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What is O & M?

On January 1, 2015 Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29 was implemented. The new code has drastically affected all Ohio homeowners with home sewage treatment systems.

In part, the new sewage rules require that local Health Departments implement an O & M (Operation and Maintenance) program. The local Health Department program must monitor and track compliance of required O & M for home sewage treatment systems. The results of the O & M program will then be reported to the Ohio Department of Health.

The requirements can vary depending on your county of residence, but all counties in Ohio will require systems to be on a Operation & Maintenance Plan provided by a Licensed Service Provider.

Some counties may, in lieu of an Operation & Maintenance Plan, inspect the system at a cost to the homeowner to verify the system is performing to manufacturers specifications.

If homeowners do not comply with either a County inspection or have an Operation & Maintenance Plan in place, legal action may result.

As a part of our Operation & Maintenance Plan, our trained service technicians will help you comply with all State mandated requirements.

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