Septic Tips For The Holidays

family with a septic tank celebrating christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—to make sure your septic system is prepared! The holiday season can put more strain on your septic system than usual. With added guests and extra water usage, your septic system will have to work harder to avoid backups. If you’re hosting during the holidays, follow these tips to make sure your tank can keep up with the festivities.

Stagger Showers

While guests are staying at your home, consider staggering the time you take showers. If your guests like to shower at night, plan to have your own showers in the morning. Doing so will reduce the water entering the septic system and lessen the likelihood of septic tank backups.

Limit Laundry

The laundry machine is often a hidden culprit of excess water usage. If you’re able to, avoid doing laundry while your guests are staying at your home. Try planning laundry either before or after their visit. This will help keep your tank at a steady level.

Be Mindful in The Kitchen

The holidays have all the baking and comfort foods we love, but as a septic owner, you should be mindful in the kitchen. The kitchen sink can wreak havoc on your septic system if it’s not used properly. You should avoid pouring grease, oils and fats down the drain. It may seem like a simple solution, but once they harden, they can create clogs in your pipes. You’ll also want to avoid throwing fibrous and starchy items down the drain such as potato peels, celery, pasta, eggshells and coffee grounds. Leave the scraps for the garbage bin.

Schedule a Pumping

Slow drains and foul smells can be a sign that your tank is backed up. If you’re worried about overloading your septic system, have a professional come to inspect your tank before guests visit. A professional will be able to share the status of the tank with you and clean it if needed. Getting your septic tank cleaned will reduce the chances of problems coming up when you have a house full of visitors.

Contact Supeck Septic Services

By following these tips for the holidays you can prevent a septic emergency from interrupting your festivities. As Northeast Ohio’s largest septic provider, Supeck Septic Services provides exceptional routine and emergency care. If you have any concerns about your septic tank or want to schedule a cleaning, contact us at (888) 725-0209.