Winter Septic Tank Cleaning Checklist

Supeck Septic Services Truck headed to a winter septic tank cleaning
Supeck Septic Services yellow truck heading to a winter septic tank cleaning for a customer

Winter months are a fantastic time to have your septic tank cleaned.   We wrote an entire blog about the benefits of winter septic cleanings you can read HERE. In this blog, we want to give our owners tips on what to do before our yellow truck arrives for your cleaning. Some of these are obvious, and others are things you may not have thought of.  Our goal is for you to get the most out of our services.

4 Tips for Preparing for your Winter Septic Tank Cleaning:


Inspect your septic tank and drain field for any signs of damage or issues, prior to your scheduled cleaning.  Alert Supeck Septic Services of anything that may be cause for concern so that our technicians can look while they are there.

Snow Removal:

If snow accumulates heavily in your area, make sure to clear snow away from the septic tank and access points. This helps in accessing the system during your winter maintenance. It is also important to make sure your driveway is clean so our trucks can safely navigate your property. Our trucks are heavy, and we want to stay off your grass and landscaping as much as possible during your service. A clean driveway is the best way to help our technicians.

Mark Your Access Point:

Ensure that the access points to the septic tank are easily accessible in case of emergencies. This includes locating and marking access points for our technicians to find your tank in the snow.  If you have an access point that is below ground level, we recommend adding risers to your septic tank.  You can read about the importance of quick access, especially if the ground is frozen HERE.

Educate Household Members:

Make sure everyone in your household is aware of the location of the septic tank in case our technicians have any questions during your service call.  If you are not going to be home, make sure we have a number to reach you if we find a problem or have a question about your septic tank.   

Other Essential Winter Septic Cleaning Tips

Remember, it’s essential to follow local regulations and guidelines for septic system maintenance. Every county in Ohio has varying laws and it is important to know if things have changed since your last septic system maintenance. If you have specific concerns or if your system requires unique attention, contact us before your appointment and we can make sure you have everything you need.